HTA98 98% CYCLOASTRAGENOL sent from the UK or USA. Minimum order only one bottle.
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HTA98 Cycloastragenol is a natural herb molecule extracted in minuscule quantities from the root of a rare Asian plant which has now been identified by cutting edge scientists in the field of anti-aging research as a telomerase activator



The REAL Anti Aging Secret is out!

HTA98 Minimum order only one bottle sent worldwide from the UK or USA with delivery charges included in the price.

Each bottle 30 capsules x 5mg. = £59.99 inc delivery
Each bottle 30 capsules x 10mg. = £89.99 inc delivery
Order at FREE home telomere testing kit, laboratory testing and report all included when you buy 6 bottles of HTA98 ™ 10mg cycloastragenol

Standalone telomere testing only £199.99 - kits sent free deivery worldwide.

Our formula has no inactive excipients or fillers only the organic ingredients shown below in line with our policy of "no fillers" in any of our high purity capsule products


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